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CCRI Legacy Programme convenes partners and experts to advance private capital mobilisation in climate resilient investment

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CCRI Legacy Programme convenes partners and experts to advance private capital mobilisation in climate resilient investment

26 February, 2024

Last week, the CCRI Legacy Programme convened our first Partners’ Roundtable and Experts’ Workshop. These sessions served as valuable platforms to engage partners and experts; share progress on CCRI Legacy Programme workstreams; and chart future strategies to bolster private sector investment in adaptation and resilience.

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) opened the Partners’ Roundtable by reaffirming its commitment to mobilising private climate finance through supporting programs like the CCRI Legacy Programme and its various workstreams.

Oxford University presented key insights and achievements from the Jamaican Systemic Risk Assessment Tool (J-SRAT), developed for CCRI's Systemic Resilience pilot program in Jamaica. The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), outlined plans to expand this tool within Jamaica and across CCCCC member countries in collaboration with FCDO and Oxford University.

The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), provided updates on the evolution of the Physical Climate Risk Assessment Methodology (PCRAM) tool, including the development of supporting frameworks to facilitate wider adoption.

The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub), elaborated on the G20’s initiatives in this domain and highlighted the GI Hub’s role in providing data to assist central governments in planning and prioritising investing in resilience and adaptation. This will be further bolstered through the GI Hub’s role as Secretariat of the CCRI Legacy Programme. As Secretariat of the CCRI Legacy Programme, the GI Hub will play a pivotal role in convening private sector stakeholders to inform the use case and development of the CCRI Legacy Programme's tools to foster broader consensus and adoption of these tools to increase private investment.

Following this roundtable, an experts’ workshop was convened, comprising representatives from various public and private entities to delve deeper into the topic of systemic resilience metrics (SRM). This workshop provided the opportunity for governments, investors, and data providers to discuss the current SRM landscape and to identify challenges and opportunities to developing and using SRMs within existing frameworks. The insights captured from this workshop will inform future research efforts in this space.

We look forward to working closely with both groups over the coming months to build on these insights and advance the objectives of the CCRI Legacy Programme workstreams.

Thank you to all the stakeholders who attend the workshop and our partners for their insights and commitments to the various CCRI Legacy Programme workstreams – FCDO, Oxford University, GI Hub, IIGCC, and CCCCC.

The CCRI Legacy Programme is funded by UK International Development.