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A road map to understanding physical climate risks

The Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment (CCRI) is the first of its kind. Launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019 as a private sector-led initiative, we have supported investors and policy makers to better understand and manage physical climate risks.
With over 130 members and $28 trillion in assets under management, the Coalition has spanned governments, international organisations, technical institutions, ratings agencies and private financial institutions.

By bringing together industries and leaders across the finance and investment world, the Coalition is pioneering solutions that are both innovative and practical to ensure all infrastructure investments incorporate physical climate risks and advance climate resilience.

131+ members

Number of CCRI Members

$28 trillion

Value of assets represented

115+ countries

Represented by CCRI Legacy Programme members

Building Resilience

Climate change is making extreme weather more frequent and intense. To be more effective at preventing future human and financial disasters, a critical step is to build a network of climate-resilient infrastructure in the most vulnerable and advanced economies.

Investments in infrastructure assets and networks – water and sanitation, energy, transport, housing – are critical, forming the backbone of economies and societies, and the growing impacts of climate change are challenging the integrity of existing and new infrastructure systems.

Yet, it is unclear to what extent these infrastructure investments integrate physical climate risks – from temperature and rainfall variations to floods, droughts, and more extreme weather events - into their design and financing.

As long as physical climate risks fail to be incorporated into investment decision-making – due to a lack of regulation, data and other resources - investors will have little incentive to change how they plan, design and finance large-scale infrastructure to build long-term resilience to climate change risks into their projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilise the global private financial industry, in partnership with key public institutions, to develop and test practical solutions for the effective integration of physical climate risks in investment decision-making.

By advancing more efficient investment decision-making practices, we will see lives and economies in developing and developed regions become more resilient.

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