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The Systemic Resilience Forum (SRF) - with over 50 members across governments, international organisations, financial institutions and technical experts – supports investment and policy decision-makers to more effectively understand and manage the exposure of social, economic and biodiversity value to physical climate risks.
50 members

Number of SRF members

15 countries

Represented by SRF members

Goals and Deliverables

To achieve our vision of mobilising finance at scale for resilient investments, the SRF has set a number of key goals and deliverables.
1. National Investment Prioritisation Tool

Helping national and local decision-makers to assess and understand the exposure of social, economic and biodiversity value at risk in given infrastructure networks.

2. Systemic Resilience Metrics (or set of metrics)

Demonstrating how an entity, sovereign or city’s macro- and socio-economic risk is reduced, as a result of properly integrating physical climate risks in decision-making including through the investment prioritisation tool.

3. Scaling Up Pilot Projects

Building upon successful national pilot projects, refine and scale additional sovereign and sub-national pilots, particularly in underrepresented geographies in CCRI.

Other Key Working Groups


Financial Innovation

Developing innovative financial instruments for investments in resilience

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Investor Solutions

Advancing solutions for the integration of physical climate risks in asset valuation processes

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