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The CCRI Legacy Programme develops and pilots practical tools, solutions and financial instruments to support a more efficient integration of physical climate risks in investment decision-making.

By properly pricing climate risk in financial decision-making, investors will be encouraged to build infrastructure that is more resilient and capable of withstanding the present and future impacts of climate change, as we head towards Net Zero 2050.

The CCRI Legacy Programme is divided into core working groups to address the different levels (systems, asset and financing) in which the mispricing of physical climate risks in investment decision-making is prevalent.


Systemic Resilience

Support governments to assess and manage systemic exposure to physical climate risks

  • National Investment Prioritisation Tool
  • Systemic Resilience Metrics
  • Pilot projects
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Investor Solutions

Advance solutions for an efficient integration of physical climate risks in asset valuation processes

  • Physical Climate Risks Assessment Methodology (PCRAM)
  • Resilience Credit Quality Drivers
  • Resilient Investment Principles
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Financial Innovation

Advance innovative financial instruments to incentivise investments in resilience

  • Resilience Financing Instruments
  • Pilot transactions
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